ALOYE®™ SSL is an Official GlobalSign SSL Partner.

Encryption. Authentication. Trust.

ALOYE®™ SSL is an authorized reseller of leading certificate authorities and offers wide-range of SSLs at low cost which are specially designed for individual and enterprises to establish a secure environment in the age of the cyber world. Our core business is SSL that provides maximum security to the website, extended authentication to manage the business reputation and boost trust to encourage the customers with HTTPS.

ALOYE®™ SSL is a global SSL provider and offers trusted SSL certificates at low prices.

We better understand customers’ requirements and maximize our efforts to make their website secure and trustworthy. We have vast experience of SSL industry and offer low cost SSL certificates to beat the competition.

So why should you wait to buy or renew SSL certificate? Just browse ALOYE®™ SSL and get a single solution with robust encryption to secure your entire business.

SSL Certificates

The range of SSL Certificates available in today's SSL market is vast and over-complex. One of the key benefits of working with GlobalSign is our simplified and easily understood SSL product range.

DomainSSL - Fast & Economical

When the customer wants a lower cost, fast SSL Certificate. Only the domain name ownership is verified and the verification process is automated and can be completed in minutes. This Certificate should be offered when the customer needs a Certificate quickly and does not have the time or desire to go through any corporate vetting.

OrganizationSSL - Full Company Vetting

The company must go through a corporate vetting process which sometimes requires documentation and usually requires presence on third party company databases. The Certificate has a higher perceived level of trust and credibility in who the Certificate belongs to as the company details are included within the Certificate itself. The Certificate is issued within 1-2 business days.

ExtendedSSL -Activate the Green Bar!

The company must go through more stringent vetting which always requires validation of company documentation and other vetting means. Vetting is done in line with the CA/B Forum agreed guidelines. Not only are the company details included within the Certificate but the Certificate activates the Green Address Bar in browsers to show a higher level of identity assurance. The Certificate is issued within 3 business days.



ALOYE®™ SSL Certificate Options

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Wildcard SSL

Wildcard SSL Certificate saves your time and money from managing separate SSL certificate for each sub-domain, our cheap Wildcard SSL certificates can secure your fully qualified domain name and its all sub-domains. When order a Wildcard SSL certificate, You should add an asterisk (*) before the common name. It is enabled with unlimited server licenses, so you can share same wildcard SSL certificate on multiple servers.

How Wildcard SSL Certificate Works?

Below example shows that if you request Wildcard SSL for *, you can secure unlimited sub-domains under a single protection; Like:

Benefits of Wildcard SSL certificates

  • Centralized Administration: Purchasing a separate SSL for every sub-domain, you will have to manage multiple SSL certificates. All certs may expire on different dates and you can’t track with ease. When you buy a single wildcard SSL, it will cover all sub-domains under one roof. Just keep track of one SSL certificate and get rid from multiple SSL management.
  • Reduce Management Cost: SSL installation process life cycle involves multiple steps like purchasing, SSL configuration, authentication and installation. Account teams take care of purchase and they spend more time for multiple purchase. Technical team takes care of SSL configuration and installation. An expert network administrator may need minimum 20 minutes for single SSL step. For say installing separate SSL on 10 sub-domains, he will have to spend around 200 minutes. While installing a wildcard SSL certificate he will require just 20 minutes and all 10 sub-domains will be secured with SSL.
  • Ease SSL Renewal: All SSL certificates will expire someday and you will require renewing it again to keep using them. SSL renewal process is identical to new purchase where you will have to follow same steps again. Separate SSL renewal will take more time in installation and will cost more money. While, renewing a single wildcard SSL with less price, time and management that will keep all sub-domains secure.