But I just sell socks on the internet, why do I need to spend money on better security?

There are many ways to ask “Why do I need Aloye Computer Enterprises LLC’s Revolutionary ACE®™Security Platform?”, but all the questions have the same answer.

You need our platform so you don’t go bankrupt or starve.

It’s that simple.

You also need it to protect your fellow citizens, neighbors, and family members.

How it will protect your neighbors and family members will become very clear as you continue to read this article.

And in case it’s not, I will directly explain it further in the article, so just keep reading to ensure you get there.

Now, in order to demonstrate the reality of what’s at stake here, let me tell you a true story out of Seattle Washington.

There was a printing company, who “just accepts pdf file uploads and prints documents for clients. Nothing complicated.”, is what they would say.

They had 3 employees and didn’t think they needed to spend more than $8 /month on retail web hosting.

They didn’t need to do anything special with their website.

Their website was hosted by one of the big guys you see on TV.

Well, their website got hacked.

They knew it was the website because the federal government told them it was the website when they completed their investigation and sent them the bill, which was more than the printing company made in the past 5 years.

The federal government also told them if the federal government wanted to enforce current law about personal information theft and data technology negligence, they would be charged criminally for violating several laws.

70% of small businesses are in the same boat, but eventually enforcement of those laws will be turned on.

The specific failures which caused them to break the law are as follows:

  1. They didn’t report it and didn’t even know they had to.
  2. They didn’t know what agencies they had to report it to.
  3. They have no way of seeing what data was accessed by the criminals
  4. They have no way of determining what data or components the criminals placed on the website.
  5. They have no way of seeing what data the criminals took from their website.

As a result, they had to spend all their money on lawyers, which caused their bankruptcy.

Once their customers found out, their customers sued them, which caused them to fall further down to an even worse off position.

All their in-progress jobs were given to their competitors.

All not yet started jobs were given to their competitors.

They didn’t even know the details of what the jobs were because that data was destroyed with their website. So, their customers had to start from scratch with their competitors who were happy to experience a boon to their businesses.

The only thing that made life less damning for the company that was hacked is that they did have some data backed up, so they could at least figure out who the customers were that were waiting on jobs.

Now, one of their competitors who benefited from their demise got scared to death because they just print stuff too, nothing complicated and nothing special. But because they witnessed this whole thing unfold, they became acutely aware of what happens when you do what everyone else does (70% of small business).

It’s dangerous not to be different.

As they witnessed the demise of one of their fellow industry participants, the competitor who developed the acute awareness as a result of watching the fall-out, decided they needed to take action to protect themselves from experiencing a similar fate.

They called us, because they heard about our proprietary ACE®™Security Platform.

We went in and analyzed their website and connected infrastructure.

They got a Qualisys Security Report letter grade of F.

70% of business do.

If you buy your website from the guys on TV, and pay cut-rate pricing for retail hosting which ranges from $8 to $50/month, you are the 70% who is going to get whacked because you don’t have an A+.

Looking back to the top of this article where I promised to explan how one buisness's negligence can have a far reaching impact they may not have even realized....

The fulfillment of that pledge is brought to fruition in bold below.

What's worse than a business who didn't have adequate security in place wiping out as a result of willful and deliberate refusal to adopt a proper website security posture?

The answer is when a hostile nation state decides to hit all 70% of you at the same time because of the adverse economic impact and mayhem such an action will cause to the target nation where those business reside.

This means your negligence has military implications that will hurt others.

If you are reading this, there is naturally a 70% chance that you are the 70%.

Don’t give away all your power and responsibility to everyone else.

Stand up and take action.

You already know the solution is to host with Aloye Computer Enterprises LLC.

Every website we host uses the full power of our proprietary ACE®™Security Platform.

You have a very limited amount of time between now and when your website is going to get hit.

Granted that time can be 5 minutes or 5 years, but you will get hit.

When you do, are you going to go bankrupt like the company mentioned in the beginning of this article?

Or are you going to be fortified and protected like the lucky competitor who, while watching it happen to their neighbor, chose to take immediate action to fortify with Aloye Computer Enterprises LLC via our ACE®™Security Platform before it was too late?