How To Install Ionic Framework on Mac

Ionic is a hybrid HTML5 mobile app framework. I some trouble installing it. Here is the solution I discovered to properly install Ionic with no issues.


npm (Node package manager) must be installed. It comes when you install Node.js. You can check whether it is installed by opening a new command line window (Mac: Open the Terminal app; Windows: Press the ‘Windows Button’ and ‘r’ at the same time and then type in “cmd” and hit enter) and typing in:

npm -v

And hitting enter. You should get the version number of npm. If not, install Node.js.


1- Open a new command line window. Type in:

sudo npm install --global --unsafe-perm quickscrape

And hit enter.

Mac: You will need to type in your computer password on all commands beginning with ‘sudo’

Windows: Remove the ‘sudo’ on all commands

2- Then type in:

sudo npm install -g cordova ionic --unsafe-perm quickscrape

And hit enter.

3- Finally type in:

sudo npm install -g ionic --unsafe-perm node-sass

And hit enter.

Ionic should be installed now. Start a new project by typing in:

ionic start myApp blank