Our flagship product ACE Service Tech App runs on Dynamics 365 CE and and delivers robust and customizable business management functionality for sales and service-based companies.


Why ACE Service Tech App D365?

  • Your business does NOT need an IT or Computer Department to run it
  • Runs 24/7 365 from anywhere on earth with internet access
  • Scales to meet the size and needs of your business
  • Fully customizable
  • Deploys fast to get your business running fast
  • Affordable
  • Has features that other service management applications do not
  • Full integration with Quick Books Online is coming soon!



ACE Service Tech App for D365 CE is for small and mid-size HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Pest Control, Fire/Water Restoration, and any service industries that need to manage jobs, appointments, technicians, and customers.

In addition to using ACE Service Tech App to manage jobs, appointments, technicians, invoices, finances, and billing, you can use the business intelligence capabilities to rank customers by profitability score and track gross margin trends across various markets enabling you to better manage your business by optimizing profit where data shows opportunity.


ACE Service Tech runs on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE Platform which makes it available in the cloud 24/7 without the need for any technology, development, or computer infrastructure.

In addition to facilitating the full range of Customer Relationship Management functionality, Project Management and Customer Billing, ACE Service Tech App for D365 CE provides advanced geo-mapping and street level views for smart job scheduling, site to site navigation, and online job site check-ins by technicians and service staff directly from the field.

Our Application enables you to see the job site on the map and even zoom into street level view if available.

Using our application's revolutionary Geo check-in feature, you can view technician check-in location on a map, which has key advantages.

An example of such an advantage would be if you need to pull resources or re-allocate resources from one job site to another, you can see who and where your technicians are in relation to the job site and each other based on their check in status.

Receive & Respond to Customers

You can receive leads via email, phone, or in person. Email leads are automatically converted into opportunity records that are ready to be actioned. The process for entering in person and phone leads is fast and easy using the data entry screens.

Once an opportunity record exists, users can add information about the customer’s needs, job details, and all email communication will automatically be added to the record.

The status of Quotes can be tracked, and actions or alerts can be set up based on the customer’s response to the quote or lack, therefore.

Coordinate Internal and External Resources for Job Execution

Required actions can be imported and automated as part of the preparation process.

An example of how the system coordinates resources would be that you need to schedule work with a customer, and need to ensure that an electrician, painting company, and permitting agency all perform certain actions before your technician arrives on the job site.

You would create process template with the various checks and steps, and then apply that template to the project record to ensure your technician does not arrive on the customer site unless all the prerequisite tasks are completed.

Create Appointments & Schedule Technicians for Work

Create & Schedule Appointments, Assign Technicians, Add Customers, and more from the Appointment Record, Opportunity Record, or from any number of starting points.

Send appointment notifications, calendar invites, and more to customers, technicians, and external service providers based on the needs of your business.


Certified by Microsoft for Microsoft App Source

ACE Service Tech App for D365 CE is also available on Microsoft App Source as shown in the image on the left. It passed Microsoft AppSource Solution Certification.

How to Buy

If you are interested in learning more about the ACE Service Tech App for D365 CE contact Aloye Computer Enterprises to schedule a product consultation at 1-844-MR-ALOYE, submit a request using Facebook at the bottom of the page, or reach us on WhatsApp using the QR Code below.

During the feature consultation we will be able to discuss the details and show you the product via remote conference session.