What is the Aloye™® Persuader?

  • The Aloye™® Persuader is a tablet computing device that has been customized and configured with the Aloye®™ Persuader Collection of Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning, and Remediation tools. It is your premier weapon against computer and network vulnerabilities.
  • Aloye™® Persuader tablets are full scale tablet computing devices so not only do they run the Aloye™® OS, they come with the Aloye™® Persuader Software Suite, additional productivity applications, and can be loaded up with anything that runs on or is compatible with Android OS's.

Why do I need an Aloye®™ Persuader?

  • The Aloye™® Persuader is a direct competitor to Apple's iPad, and Samsung Galaxy Tablets. It can serve as your personal, business, and gaming tablet, with the added feature set of being fully equipped with the premier Aloye™® IT Security Vulnerabiluty Scanning Suite used to secure your home network along with your business network and servers.
  • You need an Aloye™® Persuader to save Money, Minimize Liability, Protect Customer's Data, and Keep Your Network and Systems Secure.
  • Every network has security problems of some kind or another. That's why it is of critical importance to know which specific security issues exist in your infrastructure and to be in a position to identify and remediate them as qucikly as possible. The Aloye™® Persuader enables you to do this.
  • The Aloye®™ Persuader keeps your internal security problems "internal". Since you are not using a 3rd party to scan your network, your internal problems are not known by outsiders.
  • The Aloye®™ Persuader decreases your chances of liability while saving you from embarrassment. If a customer files a lawsuit or criminal charges against you for negligantly handling or failing to properly secure thier data, a 3rd party company may be required to scan your network and provide certification of proper security. If you have unremediated security issues, you could be in serious legal trouble. However, if you use the Aloye®™ Persuader to scan your environment on a regular basis or when you change, add or replace routers, switches, computers, servers, or install software, you can quickly and easily find and fix new issues that may arrise as a result of changes to your infrastructure.

What does the Aloye™® Persuader do?

  • The Aloye™® Persuader allows you to easily scan your entire network and  connected devices, along with all of your servers and workstations for security vulnerabilities. Then it identifies those vulnerabilities and provides you with solutions and mechanisms for remediating them. 

Is training available on how to use the Aloye®™ Persuader?

  • Yes. 1 hour of training is included free with your purchase. We will show you how to run the scans, view the results, and access the remediation interfaces so you can remediate the security issues you find.
  • Additional training can be purchased as needed for a discounted rate.

What if I do my own scans, but I have major security problems that are too complicated for me to remediate myself?

  • Aloye®™ Persuader owners qualify for special rates on remediation related labor. We will perform the remediation process for you at a discounted rate that’s only available for Aloye®™ Persuader owners.

If I buy the Aloye®™ Persuader, can I still have a professional scan my network every now and then just as a verification that I am scanning and remediating correctly?

  • Yes. If you own an Aloye®™ Persuader you qualify for special Aloye®™ Persuader Pricing on professional scans which can save you up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in labor charges related to the scanning and remediation process if serious problems are found. 

Aloye®™ Persuader Product Video


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