What is Aloye®™ Media Enterprises

  • Aloye®™ Media Enterprises LLC is the label that all Aloye™® works are published under. 

What has Jim Aloye®™ published?

  • Aloye®™ has published several technical papers and is currently about to complete a three volume children's book set.

Where can I get Aloye®™ Published works?

  • www.aloyemedia.com is the official resource for distributing all Aloye™® Published works.

Can Aloye®™ monitize my works?

  • Absolutely! We can publish your books, music, and movies on iTunes, Google Play, Kindle, Amazon, and any other Digital Platform you desire under the Aloye®™ Media Enterprises LLC label.

Aloye®™ Media Enterprises LLC Offers two different pricing models to provide you with the greatest amount of flexibility and control.

  • Profit Sharing Model - $0 upfront costs. We take a small percentage of the profits every time your published works sell.
  • Per Job Payment Model - You pay a project fee and we publish your work to the Digital Bookstores of your choice. After that, you make all the money from the sales less the percentage required by all digital bookstores.