AloyeFIXED™ Fixed Location Cellular Broadband Service

Aloye Computer Enterprises LLC was one of the few providers of nationwide dialup internet service that went head-to-head with Prodigy, AOL, and CompuServe from 2001 until 2003 via AloyeNET™ Nationwide Internet Service.

In 2003, our AloyeNET™ dial-up internet service was phased out and customers were transitioned to third-party high-speed broadband as our core business began to shift from being a product based and internet service focused company, towards consulting, hosting, and custom software development.

Now in 2021, eighteen years after sunsetting AloyeNET™ dial-up internet service, we are pleased to bring you AloyeFAST™ Nationwide Cellular Broadband. In other words, our Internet Service Provider division is back and it’s better than ever.

AloyeFIXED™ Nationwide Cellular Broadband prices out as follows with Service Terms.

Who is AloyeFIXED™ for?

  • SMBs, Home Offices, and Individuals in areas where wired broadband is inaccessible
  • SMBs, Home Offices, and Individuals unwilling to purchase satellite internet service due to the absence of unlimited data and potential for cost overruns upon exceeding monthly data allotment.
  • SMBs, Home Offices, and Individuals in areas conducive to cellular phone service
  • SMBs, Home Offices, and Individuals not serviced other unlimited cellular broadband providers.
  • SMBs, Home Offices, and Individuals that need the guarantee of a fixed monthly price for unlimited internet service and the portability of a mobile hotspot along with the quality and stability of high-speed unlimited cellular internet service with a fixed monthly price.


AloyeFIXED™ Ultimate

One-Time Up-Front Cost: $299.34 for 5G/LTE Cellular Broadband Fixed Location Hotspot

The onetime device cost can be financed across your 1-year contract term if needed and split over 12 monthly payments.

Monthly Service Cost: $65 /month for Unlimited 5G High Speed Data

Usage Limits: None. AloyeFIXED™ Ultimate is a full featured replacement for Spectrum, Comcast, Xfinity, Centurylink, and other national and regional residential and business broadband providers. ONLINE STREAMING AND GAMING IS AUTHORIZED. There are no data caps. 

Service Term: 1 Year Minimum Commit with Monthly Service AutoPay via Credit Card

*Taxes and fees are extra and are added to monthly bill as required by law.


AloyeFIXED™ Ultimate Uses State of the Industry 5G/LTE Hardware

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