Install and Enable iPhone or iPad for Remote Access

If you are experiencing an issue with your iPhone or iPad, please download and install the IOS Quick Support Agent via

**If using iPhone or iPad, make sure you enable screen recording as that is what enables the remote session to functionPlease follow the instructions at to enable this required feature.

Once TeamViewer QS is installed, please perform the following steps:

  • Launch TeamViewer QS and click the three dots in the upper right corner, then click Advanced as circled in red in the image below.


  • Locate the UDP Slider as shown below in the red square.

  • Disable the UDP Slider by turning it off as shown in the red square below.

  • Then click the yellow circled TeamViewer Quick Support Arrow to return to the main screen as shown below

  • After retiring to the main Team Viwer QS Screen, please provide the ID #