HASP USB Key Virtualization

What is it? Do I need it?

  • Do you have software that, in order to run, requires direct physical connectivity to a HASP USB Dongle Key?
  • Must this key be directly connected to your desktop computer or server, in order to run the software?
  • Is this physical usage restriction preventing you from virtualizing your server on a VMware or Windows Virtual environment?
  • Is your software old and unsupported or is the manufacturer is unable to provide you with a non-dongle option?
  • Are you unable to purchase a replacement for your damaged dongle from the manufacturer due to the manufacturer dropping support on older products, even though you paid good money for the current version and you have no plans of purchasing a costly version upgrade?
  • If you answered yes to these questions, we urge you to inquire about our HASP USB Dongle Virtualization Service

Copyright Law

How is it applicable?

In 2010, the US Copyright Law was updated, giving you the right to unlock or take control of hardware you already purchased and own, such as IPHONE as well as Software Products that utilize HASP USB Dongles.

As a result of the change in Copyright Law which can be viewed on page 182, in Sub-Section F (Reverse Engineering), of Section 1208, in Chapter 12 of Title 17, of the 2010 US Copyright Law Circular 92 , Aloye Computer Enterprises is pleased to provide you with its revolutionary HASP USB Dongle Virtualization Service (ACE-HUD) which is designed to quickly and efficiently allow you to run your software using a revolutionary virtual HASP USB Dongle, instead of a cumbersome physical HASP USB Dongle unit, that may be preventing you from migration to a virtual infrastructure.

Who can benefit from this type of service?

  • Architecture and Engineering firms that use design software which requires the use of a physical HASP USB Dongle Key.
  • Organizations that want to move their servers from a physical rack into a VMware environment and were previously prevented from doing so because of compatibility issues with Physical HASP USB Dongles.
  • Organizations who purchased and use software that, in order to run, requires connectivity to physical HASP USB Dongle, and your HASP USB dongle is old and on the verge of breaking, and due to the age of the software, the manufacturer is no longer able to provide you with a replacement dongle.

How do I virtualize?

The Process
  • Contact Aloye Computer Enterprises: For a consultation to discuss the details of virtualizing your HASP USB Dongle.
  • Complete and Sign our Legal Disclaimer: In which you certify that you have reviewed and understand all legal provisions and requirements under Title 17 of US Copyright Law Circular 92 and that after doing so issue certification stating that you are legally authorized to virtualize your HASP USB Dongle, and you are contracting Aloye Computer Enterprise to perform the technical work. The legal disclaimer form can be downloaded here
  • Submit the following items to Aloye Computer Enterprises Engineering Labs: A copy of your license agreement and proof of ownership, the software media itself and any required supplemental materials, the corresponding HASP USB Dongle Key to be virtualized.
  • We then begin the process of virtualizing your HASP USB Dongle: We estimate about five business days are required for us to perform the HASP USB Dongle Analysis and Re-Engineering Process.
  • When we are finished, generating a Virtual Dongle: you must log into our testing environment and test your application with the virtualized HASP USB Dongle to make sure it works.
  • Once the Testing is declared success: We turn the Virtual HASP USB Dongle over to you, so that you may use it in accordance with all applicable laws.