Aloye Computer Enterprises is committed to helping businesses optimize their technology, enhance productivity, reduce business risk and maximize return on investment. Leveraging our expertise and past experiences, we offer a customized approach to designing, developing, and implementing end-to-end solutions to meet your needs.

Why choose Aloye™® solutions?
  • As companies become more mobile, technology-reliant and geographically dispersed, opportunities for growth and profitability increase exponentially. All of these great opportunities can intensify the challenge to create and maintain reliable communication and security.
  • That's where Aloye Computer Enterprises can help.
  • Our experience enables us to serve the unique technology needs of small- to medium-sized business clients.

Our Promise to you

We won't push hardware on clients or try to sell new products from our favorite partner du jour. We look through a wider angle lens and make sure you have the best solutions overall for your company, both now and as you grow or adapt to meet your industry's needs. We work to provide an over-arching solution that will help ensure all your software will be fully integrated, rather than having several programs and project-based documents spread across your company. You gain efficiency and the ability to move quickly – tools for your future success.

We will truly become a partner in the overall technological health of your company.

Service Offerings

  • Aloye®™ FREE MDM Solution for Phones and Tablets - Unlimited Mobile Device Management with no re-current monthly fees! Aloye®™ MDM Details Here
  • IT Research and Analysis Services - for determining sources of network security issues, complex data-com and telecom problems, business process engineering and mapping.
  • Business and Consumer Services- a variety of business and consumer services available, see details under services
  • Software Installation and Packaging - Using Macrovision Installshield, we have the ability to create dynamic installation environments for your custom software, we have the ability to create dynamic installation environments for your custom software products or for deployment of commercial software through controlled and regulated means.
  • Web and Internet Solutions - From web site design, to search engine placement, and web hosting we can meet all your web and internet needs.
  • Network and Security Solutions - From Firewall Solutions, to VPN technology, Network Surveillance, Antivirus Solutions, LAN, WAN, our expertise enables us to meet the entire range of your network and security needs.
  • Data and Backup Solutions - Local and online backup solutions will allow you to secure your data on a schedule and store it at your facility of off site.