What is the Aloye™® Seminar Series?

  • The Aloye™® Seminar Series is a collection of big screen video presentations that bring complex technology to everyday folks with easy to understand explanations and demos.

Where can I attend an Aloye®™ Seminar?

  • Aloye™® Seminars takes place at various locations and venues through out the year. We will also speak at your engagement on any technology topic you desire. Contact us for details.

What does it cost to attend an Aloye™® Seminar?

  • The cost of attending an Aloye™® Seminar varies based on a number of factors. Some seminars are no cost to the public due to our costs being offset by sponsors. Other seminars cost a small attendance fee to help us offset our costs. Price and seating depends on the venue, sponsors, and other factors. Each seminar is announced in advance on both here and on our facebook page.

How can I watch the particular Aloye®™ seminar I attended at a later date?

  • All Aloye™® Seminars are available online for purchase. Seminar attendees will recieve a voucher so they can purchase the seminar at no cost. If you didn't attend the seminar, but wish to purchase the video and supplimental materials, you can purchase and view it electronically.

How can I reserve Jim Aloye®™ for a Speaking Engagement at my event?

  • Due to his extensive background and experience, Jim Aloye®™ speaks about a wide array of topics ranging from current IT trends, IT Security, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure Technologies, Business Management, The Economics and Business Impact of Information Technology, Corporate Technology Policy, State and Local Technology Policy, National Technology Policy, Technology and Education, Law Enforcement and Military Technology, and much more.

Aloye®™ Seminar Series Product Video


List of Past Aloye™® Seminars

  • Q3 2014 - Aloye™® Hack Attack Episode 1: Secure Your Business


  • Q4 2014 - Aloye™® Internet Saftey for Children & Families