Remote Support

How does it work?

The process for purchasing our remote support service is listed below.

  • Step #1: Purchase and Pay for our Remote Support Service.
  • Step #2: Follow the instructions you recieve after successfully completing the purchase.
  • Step #3: The clock starts ticking once we successfully connect to your system.

Costs and Expectations

What is the cost?

Remote support is purchased in one hour increments.

  • Each hour increment costs $155.

We can solve most problems within the hour, but if the issue spans multiple systems or servers and will take longer we will provide you with an estimate and can work with you to put together a time and materials or project price.

Click Here To

Purchase Remote Support

If you experience any problems, call the telephone number you recieve in the instructional email that is provided when you completed the payment process.

Attention Mac OS and Mojave Users

When downloading the support software, you may receive the file as instead of a clickable file. Please Unzip the file by following the steps shown in the video. Once the file is Unzipped, you can click the .app file to launch quick support.